About Us

BancAccess is a multi-community bank-owned company designed to help community banks increase revenues and decrease expenses, thereby helping improve the bottom line. BancAccess unites community banks to efficiently provide business loan production, loan processing, loan underwriting, credit relationship referrals and vendor management services in a cooperative setting which benefits our community bank owners.

Each business loan request must meet or exceed our common, high standard credit matrix in order to be processed further. Qualifying loan requests are then originated, processed, analyzed and simultaneously presented, with a complete credit package, to our community bank owners and partners for their in-house, independent, credit consideration.

BancAccess provides business clients with a quick, efficient way to seek a business loan from multiple banks, at exactly the same time, with only one application. Business clients also receive a competitive interest rate with competitive terms. This unique service provides time and money saving to both lenders and borrowers.

"Our investment in BancAccess provides our relatively small community bank with a consistent stream of high quality business loans which we would not normally have had the opportunity to consider, which also means a healthy boost to our bottom-line."

John Bradshaw
President and CEO
First Freedom Bank
Lebanon TN